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Divorce is never anyone’s intention when they enter into their marriage vows. However, once the decision to divorce is made by either partner, you do need legal advice and assistance, whether you have children or not, and whether your marital estate is large or small. We take pride in clearly explaining and navigating the often confusing and intricate maze of family law. We help our clients navigate through that maze with insight and knowledge borne of years of experience.

property division AND ATTORNEY’S FEES

In divorce and legal separation, property and debt division must be resolved. Achieving a fair division of real property, business interests, money or brokerage accounts, pensions, retirement accounts, vehicles, artwork and other property can be relatively simple or very complicated, depending on the size of the estate and the facts. If one party cannot afford attorney’s fees, the courts may require the other party to pay.

child custody and visitation (Parenting plans)

Claudia is sensitive to the needs of children, as well as the rights of parents. We are dedicated to the proposition that child custody is not a game with a winner and loser; we seek the best result for both parents and their children. We recommend that clients seek the advice of counselors, parenting coaches, mediators and other professionals. When litigation is the best or only option, Claudia passionately advocates custody matters in the courtroom.

inter-jurisdictional disputes

Even before the case gets started, there can be complicated issues of jurisdiction and choice of law. Claudia is experienced in inter-jurisdictional matters, and can help the client to navigate jurisdictional issues. This can require judges from disparate jurisdictions to converse, and can also require input from attorneys in other states. We can help you successfully navigate these thorny issues.

child support and spousal support

Child Support and Spousal Support can be complicated areas of the law, requiring knowledge of the Statewide Uniform Guidelines for Child Support, case law, the Family Code, as well as accounting. In many cases, Claudia engages the services of forensic accountants and other experts to assist in determining appropriate support levels.

domestic violence

Domestic violence can destroy lives and families. We take domestic violence - including emotional abuse -very seriously, and have successfully obtained restraining orders in dozens of cases. It is important to bring all the facts to court, to be sure the judicial officer understands the impact of domestic violence on the victim, to help achieve protection for our clients. We represent those accused of domestic violence, as well.